ABB – The Aero Breakaway Handlebar

Making custom the new standard

Revolutionary custom integrated handlebars, made for you.

Why are our stems so long, and our handlebars so short? When riding in his breakaway position, Jan-Willem van Schip was only touching his bars with his wrists. Although it is very aerodynamic, it is not a safe position and not very comfortable either. Together with Jan-Willem, we developed the Speeco ABB (Aero breakaway handlebars). With a 70mm stem, the rest of his reach is added to his handlebars, giving maximum stability, comfort, safety, and drag reduction.

Now these will also be available for you, custom made to your own specifications



A 70mm 17degree stem is integrated in the handlebars, suitable for most integrated cable setups. (Including a front brake cable through the forks).


This is where it gets fun, all length you currently have over a 70mm stem will be added to your reach. Enabling a large contact area with your arm, and less leverage on your arms and shoulders. Customized to your needs.


By placing a small edge on the sides of the handlebar, we have enabled you to get maximum stability and comfort, laying in your aero position.


There are different customisable drop shapes available, giving you your perfect integrated barstem combination.

Shifter position

The shifter position remains unchanged from your old setup. This means the handling of the bike stays the same, you just go faster.

Wahoo integration

Most barstems are made without a computer in mind, while they make out a vital part of almost every setup. Especially for the Wahoo Elemnt bolt we made a custom mount that completely incorporates with the handlebar. Custom normal mounts for other bicycle computers will also be available


The custom Speeco ABB is now available for order, for a price of €1700, with a €600 deposit.

Contact us

If you want your own personalized ABB, or have any further questions, send us a message below and we will get into contact with you!

We are currently not able to produce integrated cockpits, please stay updated on our Instagram page.

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