Making custom the new standard

Custom Time-trial handlebar extensions, perfect for Triathlon and non-UCI races.

The unrestricted brother of the UCI-legal TTX. If you are an age-grouper or professional athlete, these extensions will make you stay in your position longer and more comfortable, but more importantly; FASTER.


Custom cups

Completely enclosing custom cups, supporting both your arm and your elbow, releasing stress and pressure on the shoulders.

Custom Position

Custom length, tilt, inward angle and many more to accompany your personal position. Completely unrestricted to accompany your position

Perfect integration

With your current basebar/bike setup, by smart solutions and fit to original spacers. For example our unique monobridge system for monoriser systems such as on Speedshop51 and Trek Speed concept basebars.

Personal options

To make the extensions completely yours, we offer options such as a custom computer mount, padding and a bottlecage mounting bridge.

The Process

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Measurement and Design

We offer two different measurement methods:

-Offline: We plan a moment for you to visit us at our workshop in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. We measure you, your bike and talk about your needs for the extensions.

-Online: We send you a measurement guide to execute together with a friend.

When we have all required measurements, we design a set of extensions perfect for your fit and needs.


The design is first send to you for visual inspection. When the custom bars are approved the proposal is 3d printed and send to you. This way, you can check the fit on both your body and your bike and feel what the final product will be like. This print is not suited for usage on the road!


When the final verification step is done, we start our production. Your custom time trial bars are made out of carbon fiber. The final product can be picked up at our office or send to you directly.


Current cost of the whole process (Measuring, 3D prints and the end product) starts at €1800, with a €500 deposit.

Order yours!