Making custom the new standard

Custom Time-trial handlebar extensions, made for you.

Our biggest pride and our first commercially available product, the TTX will not just give you some marginal gains, it will give you significant gains. With the first prototype giving a 2,3% improvement on the CDA value of the tested rider, it will make you faster. But we do not believe this is actually the biggest gain, with the cups made especially for you and your position, it will make holding your most aerodynamic position easier and more comfortable than ever.


The TTX can be made 100% uci legal, there is written prove from the UCI that it is allowed in competition.

The Process

Measurement and Design

Firstly, we plan a measurement session to get the perfect fitting design. Measurements from both the rider and bike are entered into a digital model. Taking into account your preference on ride properties, body position and placement of details, a first design is made.

*Due to corona measures we are not allowed to receive any riders at our office, we are looking into other options like a virtual measuring session.


The design is first send to you for visual inspection. When the custom bars are approved the proposal is 3d printed and send to you. This way, you can check the fit on both your body and your bike and feel what the final product will be like. This print is not suited for usage on the road!


When the final verification step is done, we start our production. Your custom time trial bars are made out of carbon fiber. The final product can be picked up at our office or send to you directly.


Current cost of the whole process (Measuring, 3D prints and the end product) for a uci-legal product is €1600, with a €500 deposit. Other versions with more dimensions of freedom may differ in price.

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