TR-E (Track endurance bars)

Making custom the new standard

TR-E (Track endurance bars)

Speeco’s track endurance bars, the best way to stay aero on your track bike. It features high hoods that provide optimal hand placement, allowing for improved control and comfort while

The Hoods

Without a shifter, it is challenging to achieve an optimal aero position on top. Therefore, we have incorporated additional hoods into these bars, equipped with a small hook for improved gripping capabilities. These hoods are tilted inwards, allowing you to minimize your frontal area as much as possible. The distance from center to center of the ‘tops’ is 270mm, while the height of the ‘hoods’ measures 250mm. Remember, narrow=aero.

The Drops

Why should a track bar’s drops be round? By shaping them rectangular it gives far more grip, and the compact drops of 100mm help lock you in when your drops position when you are suffering.

More extra’s:

  • An elongated airfoil to give as much comfort to your wrists as possible
  • Shipped with padding material and griptape to help you perfect your bars.
  • Probably the stiffest bars you’ve had your hands on, no lost power.


The TR-E costs €1100 (€909,09 excl VAT) with optional add-ons as logo removal and custom coating.


Material: AlSi10Mg
Weight: 380g
Drops C-C: 330mm
Tops C-C: 270mm
‘Hoods’ C-C: 250mm

Reach: 106mm
Finish: Cerakote glacier black (other colours custom available)

Like with all of our products, this is tested to 5 times the ISO 4210 norm, with additional side impact tests.

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