Aero Breakaway Bar – First version

Why are our stems so long, and our handlebars so short? When riding in his breakaway position, Jan-Willem was only touching his bars with his wrists. Although it is very aerodynamic, it is not a safe position and not very comfortable either. So he was in a constant search for readily available smaller and longer handlebars. At the start of summer Jan-Willem met with Speeco to abandon al make-do solutions and develop something really fitting. First we did a windtunneltest here at the TU/e to make sure we could capture his most aero position in this solution. Then a set of integrated handlebars with a long reach and a short stem was designed. But for us that was not the full scope of potential we could reach here, so we developed further we shaved off unnecessary material, and the adjective facing tubes were given a hollow shape to ensure maximum confidence, safety and comfort in Jan-Willem’s aero position. Nowadays no racing bike is complete without a bicycle computer, in Jan-Willem’s case his Wahoo Elemnt bolt, so a custom mount was made that ensures the Wahoo is perfectly in line with the stem, and fills all space behind it to reduce turbulence.

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