Custom handlebars

Making custom the new standard

Our custom handlebars will enable you to take on any position you want, in one integrated piece. Go road racing with our RHB, ultracycling or ITU-racing with our ABB and take the GR with you on endless miles of gravel or bikepacking. All of our handlebars are available with both a 1 1/8 or 1 1/4 inch stem and with custom spacers to integrate neatly with your integrated cables.


  • Aimed at road cycling
  • UCI Legal
  • Accepts standard out front computer mounts
  • Starting at €1400 (incl EU VAT)


  • Perfect for ultra cycling, short TT’s or ITU racing
  • Ultimate comfort in the Aero position
  • Custom computer mounts
  • Starting at €1500 (incl EU VAT)


  • Gravel racing or bikepacking
  • RHB with neatly integrated extensions
  • Wide flaring make for a very comfortable single track position

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