GR – Gravel cockpit

Making custom the new standard

Custom handlebars with integrated extensions, made for you.

On every surface, for every distance, the Speeco GR will keep you comfortable and fast. With the endless amount of variations we can create a cockpit that suits you best. How about wide flared drops for rough singletracks, and deep narrow extensions for fast open roads in between? Or a more narrow traditional drop position with a comfortable aero position for long hours of endurance racing?


Complete custom sizing

With a custom reach, width, stemlength, flare, rise, dropshape, cupwidth and extensions width this cockpit can be build exactly to your preferences

Integrated extensions

Integrated aerobars as part of the carbon structure. At lower cup heights only the handles will create extra frontal area. Aero, light and comfortable.

Custom cable integration spacers

Optionally, a spacer can be 3D printed to integrate the GR with the original cable system on the bike

Computer mount integration

Easy integration of computer mounts with 2 M4 threads. Custom 3D printed mounts are also optional


The custom Speeco GR is now available for order, for a price of €1700, with a €600 deposit.

Contact us

If you want your own personalized GR, or have any further questions, send us a message below and we will get into contact with you!

We are currently not able to produce integrated cockpits, please stay updated on our Instagram page.

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