Padding material



Our reknown padding material for timetrial or triathlon aerobars.
To replace the padding on your Speeco bars, or any other (custom) aerobar you ride.

For completely custom extensions we advise to use 3mm padding for (short) timetrials and 5mm for Triathlons. If you are using separate cups as your only forearm support 8mm will offer most comfort.

The material is very grippy, especially when moist and will help you stay in your position more easily.

For a set of custom bars, 40x20cm will often be sufficient. For cups only 20x20cm. If you are in need for any larger sizes, please use the contact form.

Additional information


Black, Grey, White


2mm, 3mm, 5mm, 8mm


20x20Cm, 40x20Cm

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