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Cycling is, and will always be a sport driven and decided by uncountable factors. This drives each competitive cyclist to look for solutions balancing all these factors; peak power versus endurance, rolling resistance versus grip, weight versus aerodynamics, price versus performance.

As two (ex-) competitive cyclists we; Jules de Cock and Noah van Horen, have always been intrigued by these factors, testing, measuring and tinkering. With studying and working on lightweight, high performance projects outside of the cycling industry we gathered knowledge and know-how to specialise in carbon manufacturing. We combine our passion for racing, technology and craftsmanship to make you the best products.

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(Failed) Cycling careers

(Failed) Cycling careers
In 2017 Jules de Cock and Noah van Horen meet during their national cycling competition races, this was Noah’s last year as a (trying to) high-level athlete. Jules is still racing to this day

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